Wood Cigar Tip by Elevate Accessories - Black Walnut, Maple

by Elevate Accessories


  • Made in Denver, CO
  • Wood colors are Black Walnut or Hard Maple
  • Meant for cone rolled cigars
  • Dimensions: .4" x 1.4

Here’s a useful tip for ya - elevate your smoking experience with the Wood Cigar Tip by Elevate Accessories.

Inspired by Colorado's Rocky Mountains 14-er’s, Elevate’s wooden cigar tips give you a bo(u)lder smoke by protecting your hand rolled cigars from becoming damp. Hand buffed and crafted using 100% natural carnauba wax, the Wood Cigar Tip by Elevate Accessories are meant to last a lifetime with proper care.

Used as a mouthpiece, the wooden cigar tips fit perfectly outside at the end of your cigars. Overtime, regular use of the wood cigar helps season the wood for even tastier hits. 

Available in black walnut or hard maple.