Volcano Easy Valve Replacement Set

by Storz & Bickel


  • Skilled German Design
  • Outstanding Craftsmanship & Attention To Detail
  • Compatible With the Easy Valve Starter Set

Storz & Bickle have added a new item to the product line of their Volcano Vaporizer. This replacement set is compatible with the Easy Valve starter set, and is the best idea of its kind. The reasonable price of these balloons makes them affordable for large groups of people where sharing may not be a good idea "health-wise."

Because health is the reason most of people choose to vaporize in the first place, using a private balloon is a great for vaping safely. All the user needs to accompany this purchase is access to the Volcano Vaporizer itself with the Easy Valve filling chamber for blend, or liquids.

Items Included:

  • 6 pc. Volcano Vaporizer Easy Valve Balloons
  • 6 pc. Volcano Vaporizer Easy Valve Mouthpieces

Warranty Information:

  • This Volcano Easy Valve Replacement Set is backed by a 3-year warranty.