Vapir Rise Vaporizer - Desktop - Dry Herb and E-Juice

by Vapir


  • Digital control system for temperature
  • Dry herbs and waxy oils
  • Heats up in under a minute
  • Very quiet and discreet
  • Sleek design

Now here's a Forced-Air Vaporizer that will have you wondering how you ever got along without it! The Vaporizer business is a crowded place, but even so, the name Vapir has no problem being recognized. The people behind Vapir Rise Vaporizer have come up with some really cool new features. With an increased temperature the new heating chamber preforms better than ever, and though it uses forced-air, the Vapir Rise will work without the fan being on! The display is digital, very easy to read, and helps provide accurate temperature control you can count on. An efficient ceramic heating element combined with a HEPA filter means in about a minute, the Vapir Rise is ready to deliver all the clean, tasty vapor you can handle.

The Vapir Rise can be enjoyed with a whip or bag, and it can use either dry herbs, or wax. Moods can change, one day you may want the bag and the next, the whip. Point is, at least you will have a choice, and can enjoy a change when you need it! With only the best of high quality components, and stainless steel in its construction, this Vaporizer could be called "The Immortal One." Not all of us have nimble fingers, and that's when a person really appreciates the advanced adapter included in your purchase. It takes all the frustration out of trying to fill a bag with vapor, and that is a definite plus. Fully functional right out of the box, including a quick start guide, the Vapir Rise is ready to go when you are.

Included with Purchase: 

  • One power cord, blend chamber, oil chamber, and chamber adapter
  • One balloon adapter and inhalation adapter
  • Three inflatable balloons
  • Two large mesh screens and two small mesh screens
  • Two silicone tubing and one x-tip clear mouthpiece


The Vapir Rise vaporizer comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty.