URB Concrete Pipe - Flue - 3.5 Inches - Assorted Colors

by URB


  • Concrete & Cork
  • Portable
  • Dimensions 3.5 x 1.25

We bet you’ve never seen a pipe like this one before and we have concrete evidence to prove it. The URB concrete pipe -- known as Flue -- is essentially the evolution of a traditional classic pipe reborn as concrete and cork portable minimalism. 

When you draw through the cork/concrete mouthpiece on the URB concrete pipe, your breath pulls the flame away from the cork through the vents - adding a glowing vent effect.

Highly portable, the URB concrete pipe’s slim design easily fits in your jeans, bags, or backpacks. The enclosed bowl secures your herb for a hassle free smoking enjoyment. Simply clean the pipe with a paperclip and you’re good to go!