Upright Turbine Bubbler by Grav Labs - 8 Inches - Clear, Black

by Grav Labs
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  • Comes with a 14mm male bowl
  • Measures 8" in height
  • One of the smoothest smokes of any Grav Labs products
  • Sidecar Mouthpiece
  • Showerhead Downstem
  • Made In Texas
  • Grav Labs turbine bubbler quality
  • 14mm joint

**Decal colors may vary. **

Like the rest of the products in the Grav Labs catalog, this Upright Turbine Bubbler is built to impress. Featuring the dynamic duo of a built-in showerhead downstream and a turbine disc, also known as a tornado disc, the Upright Turbine Bubbler by Grav Labs is destined to become your favorite dab-rig bubbler.

We love that the Upright Turbine Bubbler was created with a strong flare base ensuring a sturdy piece when placed on your shelf, table, or wherever you decide to place it (we can only hope it is in a non-precarious place). The Upright Turbine Bubbler by Grav Labs will definitely deliver a clean, smooth smoke. 

Go, little turbine disc, go!