Upline Taster Pipe by Grav Labs - 3 Inches - Clear

by Grav Labs


  • Measures 3 inches in length
  • 16x2.5mm glass
  • Expanded surface area & pinched mouthpiece to catch resin and ash
  • One hitter
  • Decal colors may vary

If you are a fan of the filtration power of the Upline but you really want just a tiny taste with ultra impact, you are going to love 3” Upline Taster Pipe by Grav Labs.

Made from 16x2.5mm glass, Grav Labs doesn’t play around with the sturdiness of their pipes and the Upline Taster is no exception. This unique little taster has a pinched mouthpiece that better catches ashes and resin for delicious, flavorful clean hits.

Designed by the award-winning Micah Evans, the unique Upline Taster Pipe by Grav Labs cools the smoke as it heads up to the mouthpiece.