Unique Glass Animal Pipe - Green Parrot - Handblown - 5 Inches

by Cannsy Approved
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  • Colorful, Amazing Detail
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Handblown Glass

The attention to detail on this glass Parrot Pipe can bring a smile just holding it in your hand, and once you've tried it, the excellent function keeps a grin on your face.

Colors are vivid, and yet not over-done. There is sometimes a fine line between tasteful, and tacky. The Parrot pipe shows its class, and if you don't already have an "unusual or unique" pipes collection, this is a great one to start with.

This pretty yellow Parrot Pipe has a bowl on its back, and two feet, plus the tail give it perfect balance. When not in use, the Parrot will sit securely, waiting for you to pick it up again. Naturally, since this is a glass pipe, it's easy to clean. However, household cleansers are not recommended for use, due to the harshness of some chemicals, and possible risk to your Parrot. It is highly recommended you use one of several cleaning solutions available that have been specifically formulated for glass smoking collection.