Kraken Metal Grinder with Handle - Clear Top - Two Pieces - 1.5 Inches

by Kraken

Once of the best grinders on the market, this 2pc, 1.5 inch Kraken grinder offers much more than diamond teeth for perfectly ground herbs. A clear top allows you to see the shredding in action, and people with joint or wrist pain appreciate how easy it is to use with a handle. Inflation is everywhere, including dried herbs, and that fact makes the bottom two sections of this metal grinder a big, money saving plus. Featured in the lower half of this Kraken grinder is a mesh screen for sifting, and a resin collector so nothing is wasted.

At 1.5 inches, there's plenty of room for a decent amount of herb, and it still fits easily anywhere you choose to carry it. Colors may vary slightly based on availability but if what your looking for is function, and durability...this is the perfect metal grinder for you.