Twist Dugout with Metal One Hitter - Canary Wood - Small or Large

by Cannsy Approved


  • Twist Top Lid
  • Pop Up Bat
  • Storage For Herbs
  • Convenient Traveler

At just 3-inches tall, this Twist Top Dugout is the ultimate in transportability, and stealth. It may be small, but this Metal One Hitter is definitely effective, and couldn't be easier to use. Simply twist the lid, grab the One Hitter when it pops up, load, and enjoy. The featured separate chamber for herb storage is what convenience is all about, and since it was designed to help smokers reduce their intake, it is very cost effective.

This beautiful canary wood Dugout proves that size has nothing to do with effect, and is an excellent example of what can be done with quality wood. It will function as advertised, and once you have it in your collection, you'll wonder what you did without it.