Turbine Bong Designed by Bates and Grav Labs - 12 Inch & 15 Inch

by Grav Labs


  • Joint size: 12" - 10mm; 15" - 14mm
  • Height(s): 12" or 15″
  • 50x5mm glass
  • Made by Bates & Grav Labs

Double the turbine percs, double the smoking fun with the Turbine Bong collaboration designed by Bates and Grav Labs!

How exactly does the turbine with stereo percolators work? One percolator spins the water while the top perc spins the smoke. Added to the bottom of the base is a stereo percolator to triple the filtration power. The water will climb and start to rotate, causing the smoke to cool until it edges up to the upper chamber. This little turbine flare will definitely leave you spinning right round!

The Turbine Bong Designed by Bates and Grav Labs 12" has a 10mm joint size while the 15" has a 14mm joint size. Both sizes have a stemless downstem and is crafted with 50x5mm glass. Solid!