Tessellate Porcelain Bong by Printabowl - White, Black - 10mm

by Printabowl

***Because each piece is printed to order, please allow 10-15 business days for delivery. It's worth it.***

Tessellate’s divergent geometry sets this water pipe category of its own. Based on angular smoky quartz, this piece balances its natural shape with its 3D printed production. Part of Printabowl’s limited edition debut Cumulo Collection, Tessellate couples geometry with function to create a conversation-spurring art piece. The piece comes with a 10mm lab-grade borosilicate glass slide and down stem. Available in gloss white or Cumulo matte.  

  • Cone 10 Porcelain
  • 10mm glass down stem
  • 10mm slide
  • Certificate of Authenticity