Straight Tube Single Percolator Bong by UPC - 12 Inches - 14.5mm

by UPC
  • 14.5mm female joint 
  • 12 inches tall
  • Diffused downstem
  • Ice pinch
  • Removable downstem
  • Made in the USA
The stylish elegance of this Single UPC Perc Bong is obvious at first glance. Its clear glass construction plainly states that here is true class without color, and as sales records would show, many have already added this Bong to their collections. Regardless how beautiful it may be, function counts a whole lot more. The powerful UPC Perc combined with an ice-catcher make the perfect team, and they offer satisfyingly cool smoke from your first hit to the last. Enjoy your down time, you've earned it, and this Perc Bong will help you do exactly that.