Straight Natural Tube Bong by Purr - 12 In, 16 In - Clear - Ice Catcher

by Purr


  • Reinforced Stemless Design
  • Overall Height: 12", 16"
  • Base Diameter: 3 1/4"
  • 14mm Bowl
  • Label: Pürr Black
  • Made in California

If it's not properly filtered, even the best of herb can bring on a coughing fit. The Straight Natural Tube Bong by Purr proves you don't have to wreck your respiratory system to enjoy a good hit. 10" of clear, quality glass from the Purr brand is all you need, and then let the party begin! Of course you have to have water for filtration but don't necessarily want it anywhere close to your mouth. That's not a problem with this Straight Tube. A built-in ice-catcher not only lets you chill every puff, it also acts as a splash guard so your lips stay dry. Purr Glass has been setting industry standards for more than ten-years, and one try is all it takes to prove that is fact, not fantasy.

The reinforced, stemless design makes sense, and with a base diameter of over 3" adding stability, this is a "must own" for serious collectors. Born in southern California, this bong is waiting to prove its function and durability beyond all doubt. You could try to shop around for a better deal but you won't find another glass bong like this one at a price this low. As far as the Straight Natural Tube Bong goes, less expensive is a good thing, and unlike other brands, it won't make you sorry you brought it home.

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