Straight Mini Bong with Ice Catcher - 9 Inches - Pink, Green, Clear, Amber, Blue

by UPC


  • Rubber On Glass
  • Mini Glass bongs
  • Includes Ice Catcher

If you're planning a road trip, these mini bongs with ice catchers should be the first thing on your list of "must have" supplies. At a cool 9 inches in height, this rubber-on-glass masterpiece isn't hard to stash out of sight, and it's sturdy construction makes it a safe traveler. The design of this these small bongs make them a market favorite because smokers appreciate the perfect combination of their style and durability.

The fact it sells out so often is due more to function and convenience than a reasonable price. If you have to wait a little bit for restocking to be completed, rest assured you will be glad you did once you get it home and give it a try. Colors may vary based on availability but whichever color is yours, it's going to make your mini water pipe collection look that much better.