Straight Honeycomb Bong by Purr - 16 inches - Clear

by Purr


  • Reinforced Stemless Design
  • Overall Height: 16"
  • Base Diameter: 4 1/2"
  • 19mm Joint Size
  • 19mm Slide
  • Perc: Honeycomb
  • Label: Pürr Black
  • Made in California

Here's 16" worth of Purr Glass perfection any collector would be proud to take home. This Straight Honeycomb Bong has just the right amount of holes in the perc to produce major bubbling power. The more holes you have in a perc, the better the smoke is filtered, so you can always count on a honeycomb perc to deliver performance. Made from tough borosilicate, you can trust even your clumsiest friend with this Bong.

The solid craftsmanship and Purr Glass talent built into this Straight Honeycomb Bong are waiting to show you the difference between a smart buy, and a disappointing one. It's Purr's expert attention to detail that got them to the top in the glass blowing business, and commitment to their many happy customers keeps them there. Considering all the pluses of this honeycomb perc bong, and zero negatives, this deal is the best you'll find for the price.

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