Stax Tree Perc Filter by Grav Labs - Clear - 7.5 Inches

by Grav Labs


  • Tree percolator for smooth filtration
  • 45x5mm glass
  • 34mm joint

The Stax Tree Perc is, hands down, one of Grav Labs most popular and easily recognizable filters in their catalog. 

Made from sturdy, thick, scientific grade 45x5mm borosilicate glass tubing, the Stax Tree Perc by Grav labs has 8-slitted arms with 2 slits per arm to provide the smoothest diffusion and heaviest hits.

All of the Grav Labs Stax filters and mouthpieces are fashioned in such a way that you can add additional Stax filters to enhance your smoking experience. The 34mm joint on the Stax Tree Perc Filter by Grav Labs is crafted to perfectly hold a 34mm joint clip for an even sturdier connection.

The combinations are endless!