Stax Orion Bong Kit by Grav Labs - Dry Herbs & Dab Rig - 18 Inches

by Grav Labs


  • 7" Stax dual action inline base
  • 14mm funnel bowl
  • Quartz domeless nail
  • 34mm joint clamp (2)
  • 7" Stax circ perc filter
  • 7" Stax mouthpiece 45-degree angle

Orion, a huntsman, was known for his incredible skill. After his death, he was placed among the stars as a memorial. If you’re ready for a celestial experience that doesn’t involve giant scorpions, prepare to see stars (or at least feel a little interstellar) with the Stax Orion Bong Kit* by Grav Labs.

This beauty does double duty for fans of variety - allowing for usage of both dry herbs and waxy concentrates. Featuring a flare foot base, the Stax Orion Bong Kit by Grav Labs also comes with a 14mm funnel bowl, a quartz domeless nail, and a 34mm joint at the top that fits together with Stax perc filters and mouthpieces. The 7” Stax mouth piece is angled at a convenient 45-degree angle which means a powerful draw is just an arms length away.

If you’re worried about the filtration power on The Stax Orion Bong Kit by Grav Labs, don’t be. The Stax circ perc filter diffuses the smoke amazingly for a heavy duty filtrated hit and allows for more smoke to fit in the chamber due to its low-level water usage. Superb!

*scorpions not included.