Stax Ionix Adaptor by Grav Labs - Clear - 3.25 Inches

by Grav Labs


  • Fits Stax assemblies onto Ionix vaporizer base
  • 37x4mm glass
  • 3.25 inches tall

If you're eyeing the Stax accessories and are interested in an Ionix vaporizer base, you will delight in discovering this little gem! The Stax Ionix Adaptor by Grav Labs allows you to easily fit Stax accessories onto your Ionix vaporizers base so you don't have to fear missing out on the Stax collection any longer.

Made out of 37x4mm glass, the Stax Ionix Adaptor by Grav Labs stands at only 3.25 inches tall - a great height for connecting pieces together. Thanks to this little adaptor, you can have your fill of the top of the line Stax filters. You’ll experience the smoothest vaping action around.

Think of all the custom combinations you can create!