Stax Hercules Bong Kit by Grav Labs - 25 Inches

by Grav Labs


  • 7" Stax flare base with coil & showerhead percolator
  • 14mm funnel bowl
  • 34mm joint clamp (3)
  • 7" Stax halo percolator filter
  • 7" Stax coil perc filter
  • 7" Stax mouthpiece 45-degree angle

In ancient folklore, there was a hero by the name of Hercules. Known for his feats of strength, Hercules was highly lauded by the people. He defeated sea monsters, rescued princesses, and felled giants. While the Stax Hercules Bong Kit by Grav Labs won’t exactly give you the fortitude to complete such tasks, you’ll definitely be getting tasty, mega Herculean hits out of this bad boy.

All stacked up, the Stax Hercules Bong by Grav Labs stands at 25” inches and features two different percolators - a coil showerhead and halo percolator. Imagine the filtration power you'll get when you activate the two featured percs. Think of all those satiny pulls! The Stax Hercules also comes with 3 34mm joint kleck clamps, 14mm bowl, and a 7” Stax mouthpiece at 45-degree angle. By the beard of Zeus, that’s a mighty bong!

Grav Labs certainly outdid itself with the Stax Hercules Bong Kit. It is definitely worthy of Mt. Olympus.