Stax Capella Bong Kit by Grav Labs - 25 Inches

by Grav Labs


  • 7" Stax straight base with disc percolator
  • 14mm funnel bowl
  • 34mm joint clamp (2)
  • 7" Stax halo perc filter
  • 11" Stax Helix mouthpiece

Capella might just be the 6th brightest star in the night sky but it is one of the brightest stars to us! At 25”, The Stax Capella Bong Kit by Grav Labs is definitely reaching for the stars.

Featuring an 11” Stax Helix Mouthpiece, the Stax Capella Bong utilizes the venturi technology for one out of this world smoking experience. Complete with 34mm joint clamps to allow for mix and matching Stax pieces, a 14mm funnel bowl, and two breathtaking percolators, a halo and disc percolator, the Stax Capella isn’t kidding around!

The flared base has to be sturdy to hold this 25” behemoth steady and it does the job splendidly. There is no disguising the potency of the Stax Capella Bong Kit by Grav Labs, you get double the filtration power for heavy hitting hits, savory draws, and an overall extraterrestrial adventure.