Stax Andromeda Kit by Grav Labs - Glycerin Coil - 25 Inches

by Grav Labs
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  • 7" Stax straight base with turbine perc
  • 14mm funnel bowl
  • 34mm joint clamp (2)
  • 9" Stax glycerin coil (color varies)
  • 9" Stax standard mouthpiece
  • ***Glycerin colors may vary***

All hail the Andromeda! The STAX Andromeda Kit by Grav Labs is a massive three-tiered 21" height bong that is sure to deliver hits that will win hearts and lose heads. 

Like other Grav Labs pieces, the STAX Andromeda is crafted from 100% borosilicate glass. With this package, you'll receive two removable 4.5" diffused downstems (an 18mm male to 14mm female), a 14mm male funnel-style bowl and a 14mm standard bowl. The downstem has 8 impressive slits to increase the diffusion of your smoke for a heavy-hitting rip.

But wait - there's more! A 
glycerin coil piece has been added to the Stax Andromeda to help deliver frosty hits on hot days. Glycerin freezes without expanding so it doesn't break the glass. As the smoke travels through the tube, the glycerin cools it down for optimal chilly hits. In order to use this feature, simply detach the coil and put it in the freezer before reattaching it to the base. Need an even cooler smoke? You can level up the cold factor by using the three pinch ice catcher on the Stax Andromeda. Talk about frosty!

The STAX Andromeda Package by Grav Labs is certainly a sight to behold. Feeling the Andromeda strain? Check out other Grav Labs products here.