Star Screen Bowl - 14mm - Assorted Colors

by Cannsy Approved
If you are a collector of the cool and unusual, you'll want to have a look at this 2", 14mm Star Screen Bowl. Featured is a star in the center of the bowl, as well as a handle on the bowl itself. Anyone who has ever burned their fingers on hot glass will appreciate the good sense a handle makes.

This bowl piece is 100% high grade glass, and it comes in many different colors. Styles or colors may differ based on availability, but function remains the same. Of course, if you don't clean it often enough it may become plugged just like any other bowl but that's not a problem unless you use the wrong cleaning agents to do the job. Don't risk your Star Screen Bowl to harsh chemicals when there are products specifically made to keep it shiny clean without damage.

The price is not a misprint. For what you're getting, matching this deal anywhere else isn't going to happen. That's a good thing though, if you really dislike cleaning, with this kind of bargain you can afford plenty of spares.

Product Highlights

  • Convenient Handle on the Bowl
  • Very Functional
  • Economical