Standard Glass Ash Catcher by Grav Labs - 45º or 90º Joint Angles

by Grav Labs


  • Showerhead Diffused Downstem & Bowl
  • Different Size And Angle Options
  • Lightweight, Sturdy Tubing
  • Easy To Maintain

*Before you purchase an ash catcher - read our handy guide*

Once again, Grav Labs offers nothing less than their best in this 14mm or 19mm standard glass ash catcher. This item is a trend-setting, must-have addition for more complete collections. Made of tough, yet light-weight tubing, this ash catcher has the durability expected of Grav Labs merchandise, and there are no worries about excessive weight tipping over the water pipe it's attached to.

This clear glass ash catcher offers choices you don't often see in others of its kind. With three different sizes (10mm, 14mm, and 19mm), plus a choice in either a 45 or 90 degree joint angles, you don't have to settle for what's available, you get what you want. The showerhead downstem does not disappoint, and cleaning it couldn't be easier. Appearance, function, and durability all come together in this ashcatcher to provide an exceptional smoking experience.

Measuring Bowl Size:

To figure out the size of the joint you will need, simply measure across the opening where the bowl would be inserted.