Standard Clear Glass Slide Bowl by Sesh Supply - 14mm & 18mm

by Sesh Supply
Save 25%


  • Solid Construction
  • Handblown and Handcrafted

The convenience of using glass slide bowls is a well-known fact, and few bowl perform better than these standard clear glass bowl. This 14mm or 18mm slider works just as you would expect it to, and the beautiful clarity of its glass adds a touch of class to perfect the functionality. Solidly made of high-quality material, so durability isn't a problem with this slide bowl. With just minimal care, you only need to buy it once.

Being constructed entirely of glass, these Sesh Supply bowls are very easy to clean. However, caution is advised on what you choose to clean it with. Common household cleansers often contain harsh chemicals that may damage your slide bowl, and should be avoided. There are special solutions made specifically for cleaning glass smoking accessory's that come highly recommended by the consumers who use them. 

Measuring Bowl Size: 

To figure out the size of the bowl you will need, simply measure across the opening where the bowl would be inserted.