Snapper Bowl - 14mm - Assorted Colors

by Cannsy Approved
If you're looking for Snapper bowls worth bringing home, you found them. This 14mm, 2.5" Snapper bowl is proudly made in the USA by glass blowers who are very good at what they do. For them, quality control and customer satisfaction couldn't be more important. Those who enjoy a really good snapper full are going to love this bowl.

A lot of people agree that one of the best things about this Snapper are the 3 rings that make it possible to grab the bowl and slide it out for easier clearing. Keeping your Snapper brand new clean isn't hard either but you do need to use a recommended cleaner and not just whatever you find under the kitchen sink. Some chemicals are much harsher than they seem and you risk damaging your Snapper by using them.

Reading about, and then deciding to buy something like this Snapper bowl only to see that's it out of stock can make you crazy. But no worries, it's easy to sign up for notification of when this bowl is available again. Generally re-stocking is accomplished fairly quickly so you won't have to wait long to own the best bowl you ever had.

Product Highlights

  • Originality with Function
  • Tight Quality Control
  • Easy to Clean