Slide Top Dugout with Metal One Hitter - Rosewood - Large

by Cannsy Approved


  • Rosewood Construction
  • Slide Top Lid
  • Sturdy Metal One Hitter
  • Separate Storage For Herbs
  • Compact and Convenient

Holding this awesome rosewood Dugout in your hand is as good as it gets for that certain feeling of owning something made from quality wood. The more you touch it, the more beautiful it becomes. Using this Dugout is so easy, just slide the top back, and the Metal One Hitter pops up on its own, ready to load from the convenient storage chamber right next to it. Designed to help smokers reduce their intake, and conserve herbs, this One Hitter does both very well. At nearly 4-inches tall, this compact little wonder makes a very good traveling companion, and with that special look that quality wood has, you will never have to be ashamed of its appearance.