Slide Top Dugout with Metal One Hitter - Canary Wood - Large & Small Sizes

by Cannsy Approved
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  • Sliding Top
  • Pop Up Bat
  • Herb Storage Chamber
  • Convenient Size

If you like Dugouts, you're going to love this one! The sliding lid makes it very easy to use, and when the lid goes back, up pops a Metal One Hitter. The featured separate storage chamber, and convenient size, make this little Pipe an easy choice to travel with. At less than 4-inches tall, finding places to carry it discretely is never a problem, and since it looks like a cigarette, it blends in easily wherever smoking is allowed.

If conservation of herbs, or cutting back interests you at all, this compact little beauty is exactly what you need. Here is a Metal One Hitter designed for people on the go! It comes in a variety of sizes, and styles so your bound to find the one that is perfect for you.