Sleek Glass Bowl with Clear Marble Grip - Various Sizes/Colors

by UPC


  • Handcrafted Beauty
  • Durable Borosilicate Glass

This beautiful black bowl is extremely well-made, and shows the kind of handblown class that adds quality to any collection it joins. It comes mounted on a heavy walled, 14mm male ground joint which gives it strength, and durability. Plus, the smoking bowl itself is made from borosilicate which is legendary in the world of glass smoking accessories as being the best possible material to use.

Handmade items aren't expected to be exact duplicates of one another but that is what gives them so much charm. It's nice to be able to say you own an original, and when you own this bowl, you can say exactly that. Measuring at just slightly over 2-inches, from top to bottom, every centimeter of this gorgeous black glass smoking bowl makes you proud to call it your own.

Measuring Bowl Size: 

To figure out the size of the bowl you will need, simply measure across the opening where the bowl would be inserted.