Single Percolator Honeycomb Bong - Straight - 13 Inches - Assorted Colors

by Cannsy Approved


  • 19mm Glass on Glass Joint
  • Tasteful Color Tints
  • Honeycomb Bubble Power
  • Satisfying Function

All 13-inches of this Single Perc Honeycomb Bong represent the finest in what's possible with a decent design, and the best available filtering system. Honeycomb Percs are famous for their bubbling power, and it only takes one hit to prove it! This Bong does its job very well, and the fact it also has a pleasing appearance is another reason to love it once you add it to your collection. Color tints on the mouth, bowl, and base set the clear glass body off to perfection. Function, appearance, and a fair price are the three main things to look for in a Bong, and this one has them all.