Quartz Domeless Nail - Female - 14mm

by Cannsy Approved
It's not hard to see why Quartz Domeless Nails have gotten as popular as they are. Quartz is naturally toxin free, so the only thing you get from this nail is the purity of the flower's essence that you used. Being made of quartz means this nail can take a lot of heat safely, and isn't going to shatter in the middle of your down time, totally ruining your break.

Another thing you can count on from quartz is that it will not absorb odors or taste from previous uses. Some people enjoy flavor just as much as effect, and nothing quite ruins that like yesterday's leftovers. If you believe fresh is best, and crave a clean tasting hit, this is the domeless nail that will give you both.

Some people are slow to change old habits, but sales and statistics prove that more and more of them are starting to think nails beat pipes any day. You must be curious, or you wouldn't have read this far. So, take it a little further and put this baby in your cart to find out for yourself why so many others already have.

Product Highlights:
  • Toxin Free Durability of Quartz
  • Doesn't Absorb Bad Tastes or Odors
  • Heat Resistant