Portable Glass Blunt by Grav Labs - Mini - 4 Inches

by Grav Labs


  • Completely Reusable
  • Easy-to-Clean
  • Heat Resistant Material
  • Interior Sliding Glass Tube
  • Capable Of Vaporizing

This beautifully designed small glass blunts from Grav Labs are shaking up the blunt world in big ways. For one thing, unlike regular cigars, these are completely reusable. More importantly, when a glass cigar is used, all you inhale is the smoke from your herb. When combustable cigars are used, you are also inhaling whatever they were made of with every draw you take. The glass cigar features a sliding glass tube inside that makes it very easy to use. Simply pull the blunt all the way back, load the tube, and as you smoke, slowly push the mouthpiece forward to empty the ash.

Available in handheld sizes, the Grav Labs glass blunts are made from the same quality material as all their glass items. It is durable enough to travel anywhere you do, and won't need a special case to keep it safe in transit. Another thing this cigar can do that others can't, is double as a vaporizer by simply holding the flame to the heat the glass itself, instead of through the open end. Grav Labs has covered all bases with this item, whether you're in the mood to smoke, or vaporize, it can do either.