Pop Top Stash Jar - THC Molecule - Black - Writeable - 90ML

by Cannsy Approved
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  • Durability of Borosilicate Glass
  • Air-Tight Seal
  • Color Image of THC Molecule
  • Erasable White Label

This stash jar is the gold-standard in terms of size and quality. It features a sensible white label area that can easily be erased to replace old info with new. The contents of the jar may change from time to time, and this thoughtful feature allows the label to always match what's inside.

Also featured is the well-done, color image of a THC molecule, which really gives this "generic" jar a touch of extra class that collectors, and non-collectors alike will appreciate. This item is made from borosilicate glass, a substance known for its durability, and the air-tight seal it has will not only keep freshness locked inside; it also keeps any odor, or hint of what the contents are from seeping out.