The Phoenix Ash Catcher by Grav Labs - Clear Glass - 45º or 90º Joint Angles

by Grav Labs


  • Glass-On-Glass Lid
  • Glass Kickstand
  • 45 or 90 Degree Comfort Angle
  • Durability Of Borosilicate Glass

*Before you purchase an ash catcher - read our handy guide*

Introducing the updated model of the famous Grav Labs' Phoenix Ash Catcher. A glass-on-glass lid has been added to this model plus a sensible "kick stand" that greatly enhances stability. It's the nature of any ash catcher to get dirty so your tube stays clean, and being made of glass makes this one very easy to maintain. Cleansers specifically designed for glass smoking accessories are recommended for safe maintenance of the Phoenix. 

Choose between a 45º or 90º joint angle to make the Phoenix ash catcher by Grav Labs the most comfortable to use. Once you add ice, plus a little water to this masterpiece, it is ready to prove it has everything you expect from a Grav Labs product. A pleasing appearance coupled with supreme functionality make these Phoenix ash catchers some of the best on the market. What doesn't show though, is the durability of the borosilicate glass it's made of. That's something only time, and use can prove. With minimal care, this Ash Catcher is going to be part of your collection for many enjoyable years to come.

OEM Replacement Parts:

Measuring Bowl Size:

To figure out the size of the joint you will need, simply measure across the opening where the bowl would be inserted.

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