Octabowl by Grav Labs - Slide Bowl w/ Built-in Glass Screen - 14mm & 19mm Sizes

by Grav Labs


  • Durable Glass-On-Glass Construction
  • Easy-to-Grip Handle
  • Available In 14mm And 19mm Sizes
  • Extreme Functionality

The Octabowl from Grav Labs is made to be user-friendly by including a convenient handle in the design. Being fashioned from lab-grade borosilicate glass these glass slide bowls are extremely durable and eight small glass stringers make up the best built-in screen on the market today. This complex glass screen provides all the function you could wish for with an amazing airflow.

Available in either 14mm or 19mm, both sizes are very popular these days so don't be discouraged if you see a "sold out" notice. That simply means the Octabowl is everything you expect from quality merchandise, as quite a few other people have already discovered. It won't be long until restocking is accomplished, and you can see for yourself why it sells out so often, and that it is more than worth a little extra wait time.

Measuring Bowl Size: 

To figure out the size of the bowl you will need, simply measure across the opening where the bowl would be inserted.