Butane Torch Lighter by Newport - Assorted Colors

by Cannsy Approved


  • Adjustable Flame

  • Self-Igniting Piezo Ignition

  • Safety Lock System

  • Works at Any Angle

This Newport torch lighter stands an impressive 8" tall and once you've used it, no other light will do. If sold out, quality manufacture, and pure functionality, make it worth checking to see when re-stocking can be expected. This butane torch lighter is designed to light the most delicate of concentrates, waxes, oils, or even a thickly rolled cigar just as quickly, and evenly.

Size alone makes it an interesting Newport torch light, but its popularity is due to function more than looks. All the flame you need is right at your fingertips, without any of the dangers of burned fingers that are possible when matches, or any other type of standard lighter is used for the same job. If dabbing and dab tools are your preferred method of smoking, this hefty table torch lighter is a must-have. 

Warranty Information:

  • Please review the information included with your Newport torch lighter. All warranty claims are to be resolved with the manufacturer.