Mini Beaker Base Bong with Fixed Downstem by Grav Labs - 8 Inches - 14mm

by Grav Labs
  • Geometric Ice-pinch
  • Glass On Glass Joint
  • 45 Degree Downstem
  • 14mm Joint 
  • Grav Labs Superior Craftsmanship

**Decal colors may vary. **

Size can be very deceptive, especially when it comes to smoking accessories. Your first toke from this Mini Bong by Grav Labs will prove they are masters of the craft in any size or form. The pure efficiency of the showerhead cut downstem, and tree perc, plus an ice-catcher are all reason enough to own this stylish little beauty but there's more. At only 7-inches high and being formed from durable borosilicate, it makes an excellent travelling companion. Unlike some other brands, Grav Labs does not cut corners in the production room to lower costs, and with reasonable care, this Mini Bong will be your best friend for years to come. Of course function is first, but it never hurts to have a pleasing appearance, and feel pride every time you bring it out to share.