Long Wood Briar Pipe - Brown with Black Handle - 9 Inches

by Cannsy Approved



  • Quality Dark Brown Wood Bowl
  • Classic Look and Feel
  • Long Black Handle and Stem

    Here's a 9-inch long briar pipe with that look of class that no metal or glass can ever match. The real wood this Sherlock pipe is made from seems to glow with a life of its own, and the way it smokes is a real pleasure. Because it's beautiful doesn't mean it's delicate, and the quality of the wood it comes from gives this Gandalf pipe a very long life. Traditional tobacco hand pipes like this one generally turn into heirloom pieces because with just minimal care, it will quite likely outlast it's lucky owner. For the price, function, and durability of a smoking pipe with this much class, it is considered extremely collectible.


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