Long Glass Gandalf Pipe with Colorful Bowl - 13.75 Inches - Assorted Colors

by Cannsy Approved


  • Handblown Glass Sherlock and/or Gandalf Pipe
  • Deep, Colorful Smoking Bowl
  • Durable Pyrex Material
  • Comes in Assorted Colors for the bowl

These wizard pipes are, simply put, "truly awesome" to behold, and even better to smoke from. Each one of these Gandalf pipes measure an impressive 13.75 inches in length and fit comfortably in your hand. Every bowl is designed with different colors and textures, so finding the right Churchwarden pipe for you is easy. Bowls are more than decorative, however -- at 1 inch in depth, these bowls make them very popular at larger gatherings where less time spent loading, and more time spent smoking is always appreciated. 

Built of the same tough Pyrex you may have in your kitchen, these shire pipes are durable. The perfect touch for the wizard pipes is the built-in kickstand on the stem to help keep them steady. Pyrex won't break if it's knocked over but it could waste a loaded bowl, and this feature
helps prevent that. Not everyone can say they own a pipe with a kickstand, which in itself makes them unique enough for any collection.