Glass Lizard Spoon Pipe - Handblown - 5 Inches

by UPC


  • Handblown Red/white fumed glass
  • Cute Lizard Design
  • Skilled Craftsmanship
  • Amazing Detail

Looking for a cute animal pipe to add to your collection? If so, this little critter is perfect! Able to stand on its own, this adorable little glass lizard pipe is just as much a table decoration as it is an extremely functional smoking pipe. A red spoon pipe, the design of this unique pipe is simply fascinating. Looks have nothing to do with how well a pipe works, but even so, when you are smoking from one that looks as cool as this lizard does, it can add something to the whole experience that plainer animal pipes lack.

The lizard stands securely on four legs, with additional balance from the tail. It can't roll, and spill the bowl's contents; it will stand patiently in place, waiting until you're ready. There may be some slight variation in color, but the amazing detail, and function will be the same in every pipe. This is the one to bring out and use to get a conversation going, and liven up any smoke break you take with it.