Kraken Metal Grinder - Tiered - Four Pieces - 2.2 Inches - Gold/Green

by Kraken

This 2.2 inch Kraken proves that grinders don't have to be super-sized to do an excellent job. This little metal grinder has four sections, and every one of them work together to make sure you get the most out of any dry herb prepared in it. A clear top allows you to watch as razor sharp, diamond teeth shred the herb, making it easy to see when it's just right without having to open it first.

The handle works the same way as an old-fashioned coffee grinder, and anyone with pain in their hands will appreciate how easy it is just to twirl the handle and get perfectly ground herbs every time. A mesh screen is used for the perfect sifter, and lastly, there is a resin collector that makes sure you don't miss a single particle. There are more expensive grinders on the market, but for the price of the Kraken with all it's functioning power, why spend more to get less?