Precision Grinder by Kraken - Four Pieces - 1 Inch - Assorted Colors

by Kraken


  • Durable Chromium
  • Stainless Steel Pollen Screen
  • Strong Diamond Shaped Teeth
  • Secure Magnetic Closure
  • Smooth, Frictionless Operation

Made of exceptionally strong zinc alloy, the Kraken grinder is built to last a lifetime. Designed to grind the toughest herb with diamond shaped teeth, this masterpiece is going to be around for years producing perfectly ground material with ease time after time.

The top section is fitted with a thin poly ring for frictionless grinding, and the stainless steel screen only allows the finest of pollen through to the collection chamber in the bottom. Having the top come off a Kraken grinder unexpectedly can be really frustrating but the powerful magnetic closure of the Sabertooth ensures that will never happen with this unit. This Kraken grinder is definitely a conversation starter for any party. Having this many pluses to its credit puts the Kraken in a class of its own, and far ahead of any competition.