Kanger Protank 2

by Kanger


  • Pyrex glass tank
  • Bottom coil design
  • 2.5 ml capacity
  • Replaceable atomizer head
  • 510 threading

The highly functional Kanger Protank 2 is a good looking example of pure quality and class. This glass tank is made of durable pyrex, and with reasonable caution, it will keep satisfying for years. Switching them out is never a chore because there is no adhesive glue to get in the way! 510 threading makes the Protank 2 a very versatile, sensible addition to your vaporizing equipment. Any model you have with the same threading will fit this unit, and you don't need an inconvenient, clumsy adapter to make it work! Simply screw it in place, and start vaping, it's as simple as that. Kanger proves with this unit that perfect operation doesn't have to mean overly complicated or hopelessly confusing.

Kanger features a bottom coil in the Protank 2, and the atomizer heads are easily replaceable. The generous 2.5ml capacity makes this Tank a good one for large gatherings, or, if you just need it to last awhile before the next fill. Sometimes, it isn't always easy to find the time, or place to refill in privacy when you need to be discreet. Others might say a tank is just a tank after all, any old one with 510 is good enough. They would be wrong. When it comes to expensive vaporizing supplies, quality equipment is a must to get full value from a loaded tank. Don't be fooled into buying a lessor brand because you like the price better. That old phrase "you get what you pay for" didn't get to be so popular for no reason.