Ionix T101 Electronic Concentrate Vaporizer by Grav Labs - 11 Inches - Assorted Colors

by Grav Labs

  • 11" inches
  • 37x4mm glass
  • Three coils 
  • Used for concentrates and dabbing
  • 6 low-temp quartz core and 6 high-temp ceramic core atomizers
  • Cleaning spoon
  • Micro USB cable and wall charger

If you’re in the market for a new vape for waxes and can’t decide if you want to splurge on a table top or a pen then Grav Labs has the perfect solution for you. The IONIX T101 by Grav Labs combines the technology of pen and tabletop vaporizer with the portability of a pen and the potency of a heavy-duty desktop concentrate vaporizer.

The IONIX T101 by Grav Labs is a torchless dabbing device that is easy to use, easily adjustable for any tolerance level, and is a cinch to clean. Three atomizers, located within the device, can be activated individually or all at once - depending on your preference - for a single, double, or triple smooth hit of waxy concentrates. 

Although the IONIX can take a little bit to heat up but once the IONIX T101 by Grav Labs is ready to go, this bad boy will delivery milky hits in seconds. You can easily recharge the vape system from any USB device for hours of power.  Ideal for all smokers - new and veterans.