Cloud Evo with Honeycomb Vaporizer Kit by VapeXHale - Vape, Hydratube, Quartz Nail & Screens

by VapeXHale


  • VapeXHale Craftsmanship
  • HydraHoneyComb Hydratube
  • Full Size Heat Shield
  • VapeXNail Essential Oils Attchment
  • User Friendly Operation

VapeXHale does it again with the Hydrahoneycomb! This complete starter kit will have you well on your way to Vaporizer heaven in a very short while. The Cloud Evo comes with a full size heat shield, and when it's time to load the EZ Bowls you will appreciate the true convenience of the VapeXNail attachment. The more people realize how much tastier vapor is than smoke, the more popular this kit becomes. 

Suggested Add-Ons: