Helix Vaporizer Pen Adaptor Kit by Grav Labs

by Grav Labs



  • Micro Holes For Cooler, Smoother Draws

Items Included:

  • Helix Mouthpiece
  • Ellipse adaptor
  • 510/Ego adapter
  • Atomizers (2)

**Decal colors may vary. **

Grav Labs has done it again with their unique and brilliant take on the vaporizer pen. There isn't a lot of real difference between most vape pens for sale -- almost all utilize the same basic battery and coil, then simply house them in different shells. But that is not the case with this Helix Vaporizer Pen from Grav Labs.

This Helix vape pen adaptor kit utilizes a custom mouthpiece that will enhance the entire experience by providing a vortex of vapor that doubles as a cool little party trick. Featured are three micro holes that swirl the smoke around, cooling it, and ensuring that every draw from this awesome Helix pen vape is a smooth smoke.