Helix Chillum Taster Pipe with Carb and Roll Stop - 3 Inches

by Grav Labs


  • Discreet Size / Easy Traveler
  • Powerful Micro-Holes
  • Carb Hoile
  • Rollstopper 

At just 3.25" long, these Helix chillums have the kind of power behind every puff you might not expect from such a small glass pipe. The superb function of these small taster pipes are due to the micro-holes it features which allow for more air, and as a result, a much smoother, cooler hit.

Featured is a very handy, easy to find carb hole, plus a rollstopper for added stability. The Helix chillum is made of clear glass, and will have a random decal color. Sturdy construction makes this taster an easy traveling companion. It fits easily into any pocket or bag, and you don't need a special case to keep it safe. And with their patented Helix airflow technology, these chillums are some of the very best on the market.