Helix Basic Bubbler by Grav Labs - 6 Inches - 32mm - Assorted Colors

by Grav Labs
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  • All-Glass Construction
  • Spoon/Joint/Slide Size 14mm 
  • Decal colors may vary
  • Made in Texas

The Helix Basic Bubbler was created by our friends at Grav Labs to bridge the gap between the Helix Multi and the Helix Classic. Those familiar with Grav Labs' Helix chambers will instantly recognize that distinguishable swirl of smoke created inside the chamber.

When you receive the Helix Basic Bubbler by Grav Labs in the mail, you will instantly love the bubbler attachment with feet, and the beautiful spoon head design.

The Helix Basic Bubbler by Grav Labs is certainly destined to be a classic in its own right. Made from sturdy borosilicate glass, the Helix Basic Bubbler is meant to last.