Heavy Four Chamber Bubbler Pipe - Handblown - Assorted Colors

by Cannsy Approved
Save 62%
On looks alone, this Heavy Bubbler proves a water pipe doesn't have to be boring to do its job. Looking at this trippy, fascinating work of glass art, you have to admire the hand that made it. Imagine something soft and pleasant against the back of your throat, and you'll know what a hit from this bubbler feels like after going through five filters before it ever gets to your lungs.

Not only does the shape grab your immediate attention, the deep, rich colors almost look alive and they get their share of looks too. No two will be alike because such is the nature of hand-made things, but you can be sure the function never varies no matter how many are sold. Besides, since it is hand-crafted you can claim to own an original piece of glass art unique to the world.

The "sold out" notice appears a lot around this bubbler but don't despair, you won't have to personally keep checking back for updates. Ask to be notified via email when re-stocking is complete and you'll have another chance to own this unique conversation starter. Price, function, and durability are all good reason to take this deal home with you.

Product Highlights

  • Hand-Crafted Originality
  • Smooth Function
  • Heavy Duty Durability