Heavy Five Chamber Glass Bubbler Pipe - Handblown - Assorted Colors

by Cannsy Approved


  • Interesting, Eye-Catching Design
  • Five Chamber Filtering
  • Vibrant, Lush Colors
  • Hand Made Quality

**Colors may vary**

If you're looking for a conversation starter, this incredibly unique five chamber handblown glass bubbler pipe will do the trick. Anyone interested handblown quality glass bubbler will want to add this to their smoking collection in no time. Boring bubblers are out there by the dozens, but their one chamber filtering will never be able to compete with the power of a masterpiece like this. After a hit passes through all five of its chambers, even the harshest dry herbs can feel like silk against your throat. It is not true that coughing is necessary to get the most out of a smoking session, and this glass bubbler proves it.

Individually handmade from durable glass, this colorful glass bubbler has the appearance, function, and durability you expect from a quality water pipe. All it takes is one session with this bubbler pipe to prove that adding it to your collection was a wise move. Presented in an assortment of colors, this five chamber bubbler is one of the best pipes around!