Handblown Rainbow Spoon Pipe - 4 Inches

by UPC


  • Carb Hole on the Left Side
  • Neon Green Marbles on Right Bowl
  • Twisted, Frosted White Design
  • 4” in length
  • Deep Bowl 
  • Flat Mouthpiece

Sometimes, you just gotta go with a classic. While reinvention is always fun, familiar designs are  hard to beat. The Handblown rainbow pipe is a classic glass spoon pipe with a flat mouthpiece and a deep bowl - perfect for packing your finely ground herb.

The multi-colors morph and swirl until it meets the unified color at the front pipe. Once you start looking at the detail on this swirled spoon pipe, you might just become hypnotized. You’ll begin to notice finer details the more you smoke out of it.

You can never have enough classic pipes around and the rainbow pipe deserves a spot in your pipe collection.